Things to Do For Under $15

At least this time you're not totally broke, right? You've got $15 to spend, and this button will help you find the best way to spend that money; all on things to do for under $15. Well, maybe not the best way. There are a lot of worthwhile things that you could probably do with $15. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you are bored and you want something to do! With a bit of cash in hand, we hope to help you find something that can keep you entertained for a little while. At least until you come visit our site again. But it'll help you find something to entertain you for under $15.
Having a few bucks on hand can go a long way if you're really bored. The dollar store has endless opportunities. Think about all the supplies that you could get at the dollar store to help keep you entertained. Granted, you won’t find the highest quality products there, but it can be guaranteed that you’ll find something that can cure your boredom. Perhaps buying several large pool noodles and fighting with them. Get some glitter and glue and decorate a friends car. Give them some money for a car wash afterwards though; that or help clean it yourself. This way you can avoid losing a friend for $15. If you don’t have a dollar store nearby, the gas station down the road has some good possibilities too.
With $15 in hand, you can do anything you want, so long as you’re creative enough. If you’re not creative enough, don’t fret. That’s why we created this random idea generator. It will give you some creative ideas for you to think about that are all things to do for under $15. And please do not feel obligated to stick to these ideas exactly. If you get your own bit of inspiration from an idea that you see here, follow that! If it tells you to find a bunch of pinecones and put them in a nice glass bowl, and you’d much rather collect colorful rocks to display in a bowl, (though we don’t know why you’d do that), then pick up that possibility instead! The options are endless for you, $15 is only a vehicle that can be used to help you find something that you really want to do with your time.
So while you're here, you might as well check out what this generator can do for you to find things to do for under $15. Find something that you like. And it'll be cheap! If cheap is just not good enough, check out our things to do for free page. And if things for free, things to do for under $15, and things to do outside still don’t interest you, then you’ve got more than just a bored problem.

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