Things to Do Outside

This is a case where you should just go do what your mom always told you to do: Go outside and play! With the wonder of the great outdoors, you should have no trouble at all finding something to do. Doing things outside is part of our genetic makeup. Our ancient ancestors spent most of their time outside; farming, keeping livestock, or other outdoor tasks. Nowadays, we don’t spend nearly as much time outside. We drive in a car to get to our destinations. Supermarkets are almost exclusively indoors. And electricity has made indoor entertainment a booming industry.
So why should you even bother getting outside? Because there are tons of things to do outside! There are a few common sense things that come to mind when you think of going outside. First and foremost, exercise. Just getting up and going outside is a fantastic first step on the road of getting more exercise. The outdoors has endless possibilities for some basic exercise. Walking is widely considered a fantastic form of exercise, and if there’s a park nearby, take a walk through the park. Walk the dog. Toilet paper somebody’s house and make a run for it as fast as you can. Endless possibilities; tons of things to do outside.
You can do yourself a lot of good if you’re outside. Getting a but of sun, which can do wonders for your skin, is on the list of benefits. Just getting outside in the fresh air can make you feel like you have more energy, and rejuvenate you. While there's lots of fun things that you could do inside, don't miss out on what the outdoors could offer you with all the fun things to do outside.
We have a whole page dedicated to things to do inside, but check that one out later. Hopefully, the weather is nice outside, which gives you an endless amount of options when you’re looking for things to do outside. Maybe you could hide in some bushes and squirt people with a water gun; just be careful that you only squirt people who will be good sports about it. But if you don’t, maybe you’ll get some of that exercise that you need when you start to make a run for it. Hang upside down from the nearest tree. Or, hide in the tree and drop things on people as they walk under you. Think about it, something as simple as a tree can open up all sorts of possibilities for you. Climb a tree, tell at people from a tree, drop things from a tree, cut a tree. And there’s tons more to think of. If it's a sunny day, go to a park. If it's a rainy day, do play in the rain! The possibilities truly are endless and often are also things to do for free.
Need we say more? Get off the computer and do something outside. But first, make sure that you click the little button below to find an idea, then go find things to do outside. If you just rather do something inside, no problem, you can check out our things to do inside page.

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